Our Gold Coast epoxy resin flooring provides an attractive, hard wearing solution for both residential, industrial and commercial applications.

It’s non-porous finish provides excellent waterproof protection and has a high bond strength which is also light reflective and highly protective.

We use a liquid resin combined with a hardening agent, which can be applied in various decorative looks and thicknesses over new or existing concrete.

Epoxy flooring can be coloured, have flake added as well as a variety of non-slip textures if required.

Commercial epoxy flooring provides a high strength, high gloss solution that is extremely resistant to staining, chemical wear, mould and bacteria growth.

It’s perfect for garages, shops, retail spaces, food preparation areas, industrial units and factories. 

Any applications where you need a non-slip surface, dust free, high resistance to impact, and where cleanliness and hygiene are important. 

Epoxy flooring is a great way to add style and value to your domestic, commercial or industrial property and is very easy to clean and maintain.

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We offer a very effective high-pressure, concrete cleaning service on the Gold Coast that will bring your old concrete or pavement back to life!

Cleaning your concrete on a regular basis will remove dirt, mould, oil and other contaminants that could lead to permanent staining.

If you are leasing or thinking of selling your property, then an effective high pressure clean followed by a quality epoxy or polyurethane sealer can add value through improved appearance.

Applying a high-quality sealer to your concrete, will not only improve the appearance of your decorative concrete by adding lustre and sheen, it will also extend the life of your concrete surface.

We provide this service for domestic or commercial properties, real estate agents and local councils.

Correct concrete maintenance will greatly extend the life and protect the appearance of your investment.

High Pressure Cleaning and Sealing Gold Coast

Colour sealing your concrete is an attractive, durable and economical way to blend your concrete areas with the colours around your home. It will add abrasion resistance, make it easier to clean, protect it from the harsh Australian UV and possible staining.

We provide a wide variety of colours, so you are sure to find a colour that meets your needs!

Our sealer is carefully applied to provide a strong even colour, while strengthening the surface and protecting and enhancing your investment.

If you are looking to have a sealer applied after a pressure clean, it's important to make sure the sealer is high quality!

The sealer we use is of the highest quality and is locally manufactured right here in Queensland using the latest technology. It is more advanced than other brands available on the Australian market and provides a longer and stronger finish!

Clear and Colour Sealers

Gold Coast Epoxy Flooring

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Gold Coast Spray Pave offer a cost-effective solution to rejuvenate existing concrete. Spray on paving is a stain and slip resistant UV protective surface to cover your old unattractive concrete.

Spray on concrete resurfacing is a process using a single pack polymer modified cement coating system that has been specifically designed and formulated to be applied to any concrete both new or old, to create a very hard-wearing decorative finish.

It bonds rigidly to concrete surfaces, creating a natural, textured and decorative surface for a wide variety of areas.

We prepare the existing concrete surface prior to resurfacing by removing any existing concrete coatings like paint if necessary, acid wash then high pressure clean and repair any defects.

With the large range of colours, textures and patterns available, it’s the ideal option for restoring driveways, patios, pool surrounds, paths and any other outdoor area.

Perfect for creating a high class finish to your home, maximizing street appeal and increasing value!

Spray on Paving / Concrete Resurfacing Gold Coast

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